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Thinking BIG!

Hello Supporters and Friends!

I am really excited to announce Denniston International's newest initiative--our Think BIG campaign!

So many of us have incredible ideas that can literally change our world--but so few of these ideas actually become reality. It takes courage to think BIG--and we want to encourage BIG thinking that is within each of us--and celebrate people around us who display that kind of courage.

Please allow me to introduce to you Renrick "Alex" Alexander:

Alex grew up in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Every Saturday from age 8-14, Alex attended a soccer clinic in St. Vincent's capital, Kingstown. Alex credits this clinic with changing his life--and instilling in him a life-long love of soccer. When he turned 26, Alex moved to the United States, where he began coaching soccer in the New York area. That alone is a success story--but that's not where Alex stopped.

Instead, Alex decided to Think BIG. He remembered clearly his days at his old soccer clinic--and wanted kids from his home country to have that same kind of experience. Since 2008, Alex has returned to St. Vincent twice a year to facilitate soccer camps for Vincentian youth. The majority of these kids are poor--and Alex runs these clinics, which include a t-shirt, soccer ball and lunch every day FREE OF CHARGE.

Denniston International, along with support from Philipstown Soccer Club, want to help support Alex's BIG thinking. Alex is looking to expand these clinics throughout St. Vincent and has the BIG idea of raising money to purchase 500 soccer balls! He is traveling to St. Vincent in July--and is looking to have the balls shipped by the beginning of June. Denniston International is asking for donations to cover the cost of these soccer balls. Working together, I know we can take his BIG idea and make it an even BIGGER reality.

Even a few dollars towards this goal will make a BIG difference. To make a direct donation, please go to our the"About" or "Support Us" links at the top of the website to make a secure online donation. Or mail a check to Denniston International, 256 Main St, Cold Spring, NY 10516. Every little bit will go towards the bulk purchase of soccer balls for these camps.

As always, thank you for choosing to make a difference,


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