Incredible things happened in 2014 for Denniston International and the children and families we work with. Some highlights: 24 low-income students were able to attend secondary school in St. Vincent and the Grenadines 10 20"x20" boxes of donated toys, games and books are packed and ready to be shipped out to Ebola clinics in Sierra Leone and Liberia In 2014, Denniston International made the news! Please check out the beautiful article written by Cold Spring resident Alison Rooney at And "Kacey on the Radio" highlighted some of Denniston International's recent work during an interview with Executive Director Danielle Pack McCarthy, which can be found towards the end of this

From Cold Spring to Africa, with Love

Thanks to the generosity of our local community, Denniston International has enough toys, games and books to begin processing our first shipment to Ebola clinics in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The outpouring of support has been incredible. Please see this flyer for more information. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

This is what Christmas looks like...

...our first box filled with donated toys and coloring books for African Ebola clinics! It sounded and felt like Santa came early as we heard a box being dropped off on our front porch this evening. I cannot wait to start packaging these up to send over to Liberia and Sierra Leone. We are filled with gratitude--INCREDIBLE.

Denniston International Working to Support Ebola Efforts

About a month ago, I watched a 60 minutes segment on the incredible work of International Medical Corps in a Liberian Ebola clinic. One of the most heartbreaking images of the piece was a small boy infected with Ebola. He sat in an area for infected patients, being taken care of by his father. And this would happen all day long--sitting there--nothing to play with, nothing to do. I contacted International Medical Corps who has teams on the ground in Liberia and now in Sierra Leone who welcome the idea of toys and games for their patients there. Now, Denniston International is coordinating a collection of new and gently used toys and games for these Ebola patients.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday have nothing on this movement! Today, many people are celebrating that rush of holiday spirit not by shopping--but by GIVING. You and your family may choose to do something for a neighbor in need, or visit a friend in the hospital. Or maybe you don't have much time today, but you need a gentle reminder to give to your favorite charities before the end of the year. Well, now is a great opportunity to do so. Denniston International has started getting requests from children we help to sponsor. Want to hear what's on their Christmas lists? Socks, sneakers so that they don't ruin their one pair of school shoes while they play, a comb, a brush, toothbrushes, bath soa

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