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Incredible things happened in 2014 for Denniston International and the children and families we work with. Some highlights:

24 low-income students were able to attend secondary school in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

10 20"x20" boxes of donated toys, games and books are packed and ready to be shipped out to Ebola clinics in Sierra Leone and Liberia

In 2014, Denniston International made the news! Please check out the beautiful article written by Cold Spring resident Alison Rooney at And "Kacey on the Radio" highlighted some of Denniston International's recent work during an interview with Executive Director Danielle Pack McCarthy, which can be found towards the end of this audio clip.

All of this happened because of YOU. We couldn't have done it without our donors' financial support, our friends helping to spread the word about our efforts and our fans continually cheering us on.

Thank you for proving it to us again in 2014...

each of us has the power to do something incredible.

Peace in 2015,


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