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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have nothing on this movement! Today, many people are celebrating that rush of holiday spirit not by shopping--but by GIVING. You and your family may choose to do something for a neighbor in need, or visit a friend in the hospital. Or maybe you don't have much time today, but you need a gentle reminder to give to your favorite charities before the end of the year.

Well, now is a great opportunity to do so. Denniston International has started getting requests from children we help to sponsor. Want to hear what's on their Christmas lists? Socks, sneakers so that they don't ruin their one pair of school shoes while they play, a comb, a brush, toothbrushes, bath soap. Some of the things most of us take for granted.

Making #GIVINGTUESDAY even more special is the fact that this year it falls on December 2nd--Denniston's birthday. We hope you'll join us in honoring Denniston and all the children we work with by giving to Denniston International today.

It's easy--just go to and you can donate right from the home page.

Thank you!

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