March 10, 2015


My son Trajan got back from a birthday party on Saturday with a note inside a plastic cup that read: 


In lieu of party favors we have decided to make a contribution in each of your names to Denniston International, founded by Danielle Pack McCarthy (Trajan's mom). We encourage each of you and your child to visit their website to learn more about their mission. 'Each of us has the power to do something incredible'. 


Well, friends, you HAVE done something incredible. And so, this donation is on behalf of each of these children sacrificing their little party favors for a child they don't know who needs a little help: 


'Birthday Boy' Ryan

Kevin         Jack              

Trajan        Iain

Jeremy       Evan

Matthew    Milo 

Dylan          P.J.

Scott            Zach

Frankie       Simon

Vlad             Luca

Colin            Ronan



Feeling full of blessings, 











March 10, 2015




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